PaaS – comprehensive platform services

  • Platform-as-a-Service from the public or private cloud
  • Quickly deployable runtime or development environments
  • Container virtualization independent of the operating system via Docker
  • Operation in high-security German data centers

A sound foundation for your applications

With Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) we offer you a secure solution from the ITENOS cloud that simplifies your development activities, gives you a new standard of flexibility, and drives your innovations. Our platform services form a robust and reliable foundation, so all web applications run smoothly during ongoing operation. We deliver an IT platform for the entire required infrastructure – from the operating system and the database to the runtime environment. The portfolio consists of infrastructure-level standard applications, such as proxy servers, domain name systems (DNS) and network time protocols (NTP), as well as databases, web servers and email services. You can obtain them flexibly from the public or private cloud according to your security requirements. That way, you can work efficiently and securely and concentrate fully on your business goals.

Docker – the next generation of conventional PaaS

Furthermore, we offer your developer teams a container environment based on Docker where they have freedom of movement. In this case, the same as above goes: whether the technology is obtained from the private or public cloud depends on your individual requirements. In any case, you operate your applications, including all necessary dependencies and libraries, autonomously in individual containers, detached from the underlying operating system. That eliminates the need for complicated integration tasks. All applications can be transported and executed quickly and easily across various systems. Using PaaS and Docker, we cover the complete lifecycle of your applications. You can develop, test and operate all applications flexibly and dynamically. Of course, all ITENOS platform services are provided from our own high-security, certified data centers in Germany.

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  • Individual specifications regarding service times, availabilities, detailed services etc.
  • Specifications can be flexibly and exactly adapted according to your requirements

Provision of central platform-level services

  • NTP Server
  • Update proxy
  • Mail service
  • DNS Forwarder
  • Backup platform and much more

Operation of standard components
(in combination with individual applications)

  • Databases: MSSQL, Oracle, mySQL, mariaDB, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Web servers: IIS, NGIX, Apache etc.
  • Applications: Tomcat, postfix, Exchange, SharePoint etc.

Operation of Docker environments

  • Provision of infrastructure (hosting or cloud services) in combination with operating system and operation of Docker Runtime
  • Ensuring availability and taking over patch management
  • Operation on the basis of cloud services from the public or private cloud
  • Setup of continuous integration and development workbenches