MPLS: efficient data transmission

  • Site-to-site networking using connection-oriented data transfers
  • Optimized network traffic for higher efficiency
  • Data Center Transport for IntraSelect MPLS in the Data LogistIX platform
  • Data transfers with maximum flexibility, security, and performance
  • Optional combination of the MPLS network with cloud solutions or firewalls

Data Center Transport

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is used in many companies for functions such as site-to-site networking. This technology is based on connection-oriented data transfers along predefined paths. This can reduce time-consuming routing processes enormously, allowing you to benefit from optimized network traffic and therefore higher efficiency. With Data Center Transport, we provide you with an interface within the Data LogistIX platform from your MPLS network into the IntraSelect MPLS (IPLS) system of Deutsche Telekom. The transfer interface uses a VLAN, in other words a virtual logical subnet within an existing physical network. In terms of the transmission of your data, this means a special degree of flexibility, security and performance, and in many cases, also simplified maintenance. In addition, you benefit from a fully redundant configuration of all components. Thanks to the connection to the platform as a kind of virtual node, you can combine your MPLS network, for example, with cloud solutions or firewalls.

MPLS including consulting expertise

Our specialized experts are happy to advise you in detail, so that you get the highest flexibility and security from our certified data centers. With one eye on the future, we also develop SD-WAN solutions to keep providing you with the latest trends in enterprise connectivity – even beyond MPLS.

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  • Transfer from the Data LogistIX platform to the IntraSelect MPLS (IPLS) of Deutsche Telekom
  • Fully redundant configuration of all components
  • Multi-client enabled
  • IEEE 802.1q VLAN as transfer interface

ITENOS Data LogistIX

All connections on just one port: Data LogistIX is your direct route to the Deutsche Telekom network. With Data LogistIX, we bring the cloud to you and enable reliable data exchange. Uncomplicated and fast, thanks to direct connection to DE-CIX.