SOLID Internet Access Management (SIAM)

  • Reliable internet access for cross-site networking
  • Provision and management of BGP routers
  • Monitoring of the IP transit connection
  • Connection to Deutsche Telekom or other IP carriers
  • Various routers with bandwidths up to 100 Gbit as necessary

Reliable management of all routers

High-performance internet access is a basic necessity for every company. Agile markets, changing customer requirements, extremely fast development cycles – you can only meet these challenges if you can always communicate at very high speed internally and with the outside world. Digital communication over the internet is the fundamental basis for today's business. However, for that you need suitable hardware at all locations, which means the right high-performance routers along with professional device management. That’s why we design simple and stable internet access for you by looking after the planning, installation, configuration and operation of the appropriate BGP routers at your sites.

Internet access via IP transit from Deutsche Telekom

Our hardware is designed for various bandwidths – we can handle everything from 1 to 10 or 100 Gbit. We also provide you with management access and monitoring services of the IP transit provided by Deutsche Telekom or another carrier of your choice. Direct linking to the provider in question, for example by direct peering to the A3320 network of Deutsche Telekom or another service provider, ensures a reliable connection and smooth operation. To ensure robust internet access management, we connect your location directly to the network and install the corresponding routers on your site.

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  • Internet access via IP transit provided by Deutsche Telekom or another carrier of your choice
  • Coverage of various bandwidths from 1 to 10 or 100 Gbits.
  • Deployment of Cisco routers (usually ASR) as line termination and interface to the customer infrastructure
  • Use of two routers as redundant backup for maximum reliability
  • Management of the two routers by means of additional management routers from Bintec
  • Connection of management routers via Protect Service using DSL or LTE access technology, depending on availability
  • Fast hardware service: hardware exchange of SIAM routers within four hours in the event of defects