Level-3 certification in the south of Germany

  • State-of-the-art IT infrastructure over 2,000 m²
  • Certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 and TÜV Level 3 EN50600
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and automatic alarm forwarding
  • Highly efficient argon gas extinguisher system
  • Connection to the internet via two independent carriers

Data center in Stuttgart

In our Tier-3 data center in Stuttgart, the state capital of Germany’s state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, covers 2,000 m2, where you can find state-of-the-art IT infrastructure ensuring secure accommodation, high availability and optimal integration of your servers – in colocation areas or in dedicated rooms. As a customer, you have round-the-clock (24/7) access to your rack or server room. The data center is certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 and TÜV Level 3 EN50600.

Our IPv6-enabled ITENOS network is equipped with Cisco hardware components, connected to the internet through two independent carriers via optical fiber and copper cabling.

Our Stuttgart data center is monitored day and night

The entire Stuttgart data center is monitored day and night. All alarms and technical messages are forwarded immediately to the ITENOS Service Desk and the security staff uses a separate alarm circuit. And in case of fire, a highly efficient argon gas extinguishing system automatically cuts in.

In our Stuttgart data center we do everything possible to protect your hardware against damage caused by fluctuations in the power supply. An autonomous network backup system ensures your server continues to operate even during extended power outages. For simple billing of operational costs, each leased area has its own energy meter. The air conditioning system in the data center is also well thought-out: To achieve the best possible cooling of the computers, the server cabinets are arranged in "cold" and "warm" aisles and cooled by a redundant precision air conditioning system.

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  • Total floor area of over 2,000 m2
  • Tier-3 data center
  • 90 walls with steel security doors
  • 2.60 m clear ceiling height
  • Service elevator with dimensions of 1.50 m x 2.10 m x 2.30 m (L x W x H) for 1,600 kg
  • 24/7 on-site security service
  • Colocation areas for individual racks or cages
  • Private, individual rooms and fire safety zones


  • Access to Europe's central internet exchange node DE-CIX with more than 900 carriers
  • IPv6-ready


  • Fire alarm system
  • Early warning fire detection system
  • Intruder alarm system
  • Water detection system

Power supply

  • 230/400 V UPS systems along withn+1
  • Electrical installation with surge protection and power distribution per leased area

Air conditioning

  • Cold air distribution from the climate-controlled cabinets via the false floor
  • Air supply to the server cabinets via ventilation panels in the false floor