Certified safety in the North of Germany

  • State-of-the-art IT infrastructure on approximately 405 m² of floor area
  • Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001
  • Comprehensive physical security through numerous protective measures
  • The highest levels of data security “made in Germany”
  • Connection to the internet via two independent carriers

Data center in Hamburg

In our Hamburg data center we offer state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for physical security, data protection, high availability and optimal connection of your servers on an area of around 405 m2  – in colocation areas or in dedicated rooms. Quality is the keyword here: Our northernmost data center is certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001.

The ITENOS network is equipped with Cisco components, which are connected to the internet by two independent carriers via optical fiber and copper cabling. It is also IPv6-ready.

Data center in Hamburg with extensive services

All-round security is also ensured in our Hamburg data center: The building is monitored by an intruder alarm system with direct connection to the police. The fencing and the building's exterior are also under permanent surveillance. The external doors are also equipped with intrusion inhibitors and can only be opened using a special access card. The T30 steel safety doors in the building are monitored and equipped with alarm systems, and only grant access to the system room based on appropriate access control measures.

Take advantage of our comprehensive range of services in our Hamburg data center: On request, we will replace your hardware components and verify or destroy them. We will even take care of the wiring in the rack and the disposal of any packaging waste for you, as well as the manual operation of the hardware. All actions are documented according to your own specifications – which can also be provided via image capture.

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  • Concrete, masonry and drywall fire resistance class F90
  • Concrete ceiling and suspended ceiling with integrated lighting
  • Floor-to-ceiling height at least 3.50 m
  • Point load: 5 kN per m²; surface load: 10 kN per m²
  • Access height of transport routes: 20 m
  • Illumination min. 300 lux


  • Early warning fire detection system
  • Large CO2-based fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm system with direct connection to the fire department
  • Access to the site: Monday to Friday, 06:00 am to 06:00 pm by porters, at other times via keycards
  • Door monitoring on system room doors via access control system

 Power supply

  • A low-voltage main distribution board with two separate power feeds
  • Two separate UPS with n+1 blocks, where each UPS can maintain the entire operation
  • Capacity: 800 W per m2
  • Grounding and equipotential bonding connections

Air conditioning

  • Cold air distribution from the climate-controlled cabinets via the false floor
  • Air supply to the server cabinets via ventilation panels in the false floor
  • Designed for 800 W per m2