Central and optimally networked

  • Largest ITENOS data center with over 14,000 m² of floor area
  • Certified according to ISO/IEC 27001
  • State-of-the-art IT infrastructure for physical security, data protection and high availability
  • Direct access to Europe's central internet hub DE-CIX
  • • High-performance connections to more than 150 carriers and service providers

Data center in Frankfurt am Main

With a total floor area of about 14,000 m2 the data center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is our largest site. The state-of-the-art data center, which is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001, is located at Kleyerstraße 90, where it is directly connected to Europe’s central internet exchange node DE-CIX. This means we can guarantee our customers high-performance connections to more than 150 telecommunications carriers and service providers. The connection to the carriers is provided by network components from Cisco using optical fiber and copper cabling. In addition, the entire network is IPv6-ready.

Optimal infrastructure in the Frankfurt am Main data center

State-of-the-art IT infrastructure guarantees physical security, data protection and high availability. The entire data center is monitored day and night and forwards all alarms and technical messages to the ITENOS Service Desk in Bonn, Germany. A variety of technical resources such as fire, intrusion or water detection systems also ensure comprehensive protection.

Comprehensive precautionary measures for maintaining power supplies protect the hardware from damage due to fluctuations in the power supply network and ensure operation, even in the event of failures. In order to provide optimal cooling for the computers, the server cabinets are arranged in "cold" and "warm" aisles. The redundant n+1 precision air-conditioning system in the Frankfurt am Main data center is supported by an air ventilation system in the warm aisles.

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  • Total floor area of over 14,000 m2
  • Certification according to ISO/IEC 27001
  • 20 m clear ceiling height
  • 50 m false floor height
  • Service elevator for up to 1,500 kg payload


  • Fire alarm system
  • Early warning fire detection system
  • Argon extinguisher system
  • Fire department connection
  • Intruder alarm system
  • Water detection system
  • Access control via intrusion detection system,
  • In addition to alarm connection to on-site security service

 Power supply

  • 230/400 V redundant UPS systems (A-B configuration)
  • Electrical installation with surge protection and power distribution
  • Power supply via A-B-rail system and connection box
  • Mains backup system for autonomous operation

Air conditioning

  • Cold air distribution from the climate-controlled cabinets via the false floor
  • Central humidification system
  • Use of free cooling to reduce power consumption