High-level security in the Rhine metropolitan area

  • Highest possible security in an inconspicuous office building
  • State-of-the-art IT infrastructure covering over 2,000 m²
  • Certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001
  • Monitored by security guards around the clock
  • Carrier-independent and with DE-CIX connection

Data center in Düsseldorf

Our ISO/IEC 27001-certified data center in Düsseldorf, Germany, offers state-of-the-art IT infrastructure in an inconspicuous office building covering a total area of about 2,000 m2. Our network is IPv6-ready and connected to the internet by means of optical fiber and copper cabling using two independent carriers. The required network components are supplied by our partner Cisco. In addition, there is a connection to the DE-CIX, the largest German internet exchange node, in Frankfurt am Main.

Maximum security in the Düsseldorf data center

Round-the-clock monitoring – among other things through fire, water, and intruder alarm systems – as well as the direct relaying of alarms and technical messages to the ITENOS Service Desk in Bonn, Germany, secure the Düsseldorf data center. The security staff uses a separate alarm circuit.

The highest possible physical security is ensured by false floors with a carrying capacity of 1000 kg/m2, as well as fireproof F90 walls and T30 steel safety doors. Via the reception and a secured elevator or secure stairs, our customers have round-the-clock access to the server rooms in the Düsseldorf data center. In addition, a security guard service monitors the premises from a neighboring building.

Our server rooms in the 1st floor of the building are accessible to you around the clock via the reception and secured elevator or stairs and are also monitored from the neighboring building by a security guard service. In the same building there is also a facility for lockable storage. Major deliveries of equipment can be brought inside the Düsseldorf data center building via a loading ramp.

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  • Total area of over 2,000 m²
  • Use of a lift truck from loading ramp to DC possible
  • Service elevator approximately 2.25 m long x 2.25 m wide x 1.98 m high with a maximum payload of 3,000 kg
  • Separation of heavy-duty and light engineering (power and air-conditioning supply are located in separate rooms)


  • Fire alarm system
  • Early warning fire detection system
  • Intruder alarm system
  • Access control system
  • Water detection system

 Power supply

  • 230/400 V redundant UPS systems (A-B configuration)
  • Electrical installation with surge protection and power distribution
  • Power supply via A-B rail system and connection box
  • Power meters per rack
  • Mains backup system for autonomous operation

Air conditioning

  • Use of free cooling to reduce power consumption
  • Cold air distribution from the climate-controlled cabinets via the false floor
  • Air supply to the server cabinets via ventilation panels in the false floor
  • Central humidification system