Cloud Connect

  • Secure connection to the cloud provider of your choice
  • High performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Bundling of the leading cloud providers on the Data LogistIX platform
  • Fast access to various cloud servers and services
  • Combination of public, hybrid and multi-clouds

Fast access to the cloud of your choice

Our Cloud Connect service allows you to establish a secure connection to the cloud provider of your choice. In order to remain competitive, your business needs to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements. The cloud offers previously undreamed-of possibilities to keep up to speed. Because for many small- and medium-sized businesses a private data center is not cost-effective: it ties up a lot of resources and also involves high security requirements. Therefore, virtually the only way to run business applications successfully is from the cloud. In addition to high performance and reliability, cost-effectiveness is also an important factor.

Cloud Connect: your flexible partner

The Data LogistIX platform combines the leading cloud providers in one place, offering you super-fast access to a range of cloud servers and cloud services. Whatever business applications you manage in the cloud, and no matter which service you choose: with us you can access everything from one platform. Using Cloud Connect, you can freely combine public clouds, hybrid clouds and multi-clouds to benefit from a high degree of flexibility.

Ulrich Nagel

Senior Account Manager
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  • Platform featuring a highly secure data center at Kleyerstraße 90, Frankfurt am Main
  • Many leading providers available including Open Telekom Cloud, Microsoft Azure Express Route, AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, ITENOS SOLIDCLOUD
  • Connection with bandwidths of 100 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s

ITENOS Data LogistIX

All connections on just one port: Data LogistIX is your direct route to the Deutsche Telekom network. With Data LogistIX, we bring the cloud to you and enable reliable data exchange. Uncomplicated and fast, thanks to direct connection to DE-CIX.