All-IP? We have got the solution.

The term All-IP has been discussed quite often in recent days and will raise questions in the future, too. When we speak of All-IP, we mean the unifying transition of all present transmission technologies – including the fixed network of Deutsche Telekom – to the basis of the Internet Protocol (IP). In the provision of services such as telephony, television and mobile communications, the classical circuit switching will in future be replaced by packet switching, a network protocol widespread in computer networks.

ITENOS brings you securly into the network of the future

The transition of the network infrastructure to IP-based technology has effects on applicatiomns, services and terminal equipment. It includes alarm systems, energy systems and technical facilities, eCash terminals, cash register and merchandise management systems or the connection of home offices. All these applications must be redered fit for gthe new IP world. Only if terminals are IP-compatible, the full functionality of an IP-connction can be guaranteed.

With ITENOS,  the transition into the network of the future is possible right now and without any problem. To enable you to use the benefits of an IP connection today already, the new IP based connection variants for location networking are part of our communications solutions.

IP-based connection variants from ITENOS

  • ADSL Annex J, VDSL, SDSL as well as  LTE in mobile communications are being successfully implemented in various customer projects.
  • Typically, mobile communications replaces existing ISDN connections as backup path. Depending on the location, addtional antennae may become necessary.
  • Ethernet VPN are Ethernet Connect are further IP based connection variants..
  • A coupling to the IntraSelect platform of Deutsche Telekom is possible, too. Thus, small locations can be integrated into the corporate network based on IntraSelect via ProtectService.
  • In co-operation with renowned router manufacturers such as Cisco, Bintec and LANCOM, ITENOS relies on future-proof router technology that supports the new connection technology.
  • Portings of existing connections in new IP-compatible DSL connections have already been performed successfully at several customers.

We find the best solution for you.

Are you facing the challenge to switch your existing data communication to new IP based connection technology? Have you got any questions as regards our communication solutions? Our sales representatives will gladly assist you. With our individual network solutions we are sure to find the right and above all future-proof solution for you.