High security and high availability solutions in data transmission

Networks offer you high security and high availability solutions in data transmission for the implementation of sensible company networks and the operation of citical infrastructures. For that, security and availability are the most important criteria by far. In terms of scalability, flexibility and especially future safety our solutions meet further essential requirements of companies when networking their corporate locations.

Typical customer applications

Our offer primarily addresses companies with branch offices and specific security requirements, being in need of highly efficient and highly available IT solutions. Among them are trade and service station chains, the monitoring center operators, financial services and insurance companies as well utilities. They normally operate location-independent networked applications and locations where bi-directional communication between headquarters and branch office takes place. Typical applications are as follows:

  • Connection of alarm systems to a monitoring center
  • Connection of ATMs and self service terminals
  • Management of eCash
  • Transmission of cash register and merchandise management data
  • Reading, monitoring and control of energy facilities (also via m2m)
  • Connection of home offices, agencies etc.

Individual and secure ITENOS solutions

The IP based platform ProtectService, developed and operated by ITENOS, enables the design, realisation and operation of efficient solutions. It allows a strict separation of your data from the public Internet, because ProtectService is operated on a independent network infrastructure in which the use of the public Internet with all its risks is definately excluded.

In addition, we can design and operate networks for our custoemrs that are exactly tailored to their requirements or as end-to-end communication solutions. In all our solutions, flexibility, scalability, sustainability and quality are of vital importance to us.

From design over realisation all the was down to operation, we offer you IP based communication solutions from one and the same source – in one single turnkey offer!