Cloud infrstructure from Germany.
Certified. Secure. Fast

SOLIDCLOUD enables enterprises to establish and use virtual IT structures. Better known under the term IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), ITENOS offers standardised and customised resource models in German high-security data centers. The can be simply configured via a Web interface, als available as a mobile version (app).

Configure and scale your virtual servers, including CPU, RAM and storage set-up, and always adapt your IT capacity to your actual needs.

Your virtual infrastructure is opearted exclusive in data centers within germany and it meet all necessary legal requirements and data protection directives. As a company within the Deutsche Telekom Group we additionally meet even the strictest security requirments.


Mr. Walter manages a medium-sized company for solar technology. He is involved in many new exciting projects and must adapt his IT infrastrucure to new requirments time and time again.

How SOLIDCLOUD can assist him is described in our product video.