IT services to order

    We make our customer's wishes come true! With ITENOS your ICT solutions don't come off the shelf, instead you get tailor-made designs – reliable, resourceful and individual.

    Our experts understand your craft: as a specialist with 25 years of experience, ITENOS supports companies in all matters relating to ICT. With its know-how, creativity and precision our team crafts custom IT services with a sense of proportion. In doing so, we focus on your needs throughout and advise you in detail. This applies to the entire lifecycle of our IT projects – from planning through implementation and operation to ongoing upgrading of your IT systems.

    We have the right answer to every question: our solutions are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and are modular in design. All IT services can be combined in different ways, whether we’re talking about IT infrastructure, cloud concepts, IP solutions, access control or other areas. The options are many and varied. This makes our solutions as unique as our customers and offers you maximum flexibility. For example, you can decide for yourself whether you only need individual components or full-scale support in setting up and operating your IT, for example using our managed services.

    No matter what we do for you: we always ensure the highest possible quality in all our services and IT services. The certifications of our employees, processes and data centers back up this promise. This makes us a trustworthy partner across the board.

    From a single rack via dedicated server hosting to hybrid cloud models – we provide a secure and solid IT infrastructure, which provides the platform for you to grow.

    With comprehensive connectivity and IP solutions we create a secure connection between your sites, to your business partners and customers, either via the DE-CIX or the Deutsche Telekom network.

    IT security is very important to us. This includes not only German data protection and resilient data centers, but also a centrally managed, reliable system for access control.

    Here you can find everything from a single source. While you focus on the strategically important matters, we take care of your IT and the management of your applications, platforms, networks and infrastructures.

    Data centers

    Entrust your data center to IT "made in Germany": Here at ITENOS, we offer a variety of solutions exclusively out of certified data centers based in Germany. In this way, we fulfill the highest demands in regard to security, availability, and flexibility – so that when it comes to IT infrastructure, IP solutions, managed services, and access control you can rely on the highest quality.


    Provide your IT infrastructure with a high-security environment: with our extensive range of housing and colocation solutions, you can benefit from protected accommodation for your equipment in our highly available data centers with state-of-the-art fire protection and clearly regulated access controls. To suit your particular needs, you can rent your individual storage footprint – anything from a single server rack, through cages right up to dedicated rooms. With our many years of experience, the certified security and comprehensive ITENOS service, you can rest assured that your hardware and data are in the safest of hands.

    Data center in Stuttgart

    Our ISO/IEC 27001 and TÜV Level 3 EN50600-certified data center in Stuttgart meets all expectations of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart, Germany. The features ensuring a maximum of security include day-and-night surveillance and longer power failures are handled with an autonomous power supply backup system.

    Tier 3 data center in Frankfurt

    With tier 3 certification, our data center in Frankfurt-Rödelheim meets the highest security and performance standards. It is directly connected to our Kleyerstraße data center campus through a core-and-edge solution and provides optimal connectivity via the major Internet node DE-CIX as well as access to 900 carriers.

    Data center in Leverkusen

    Our Level-3 data center with approximately 2,000 m² of floor area in Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region offers certified security for your IT. Multi-level security systems meet even the highest standards of physical security. A connection to the largest German internet exchange node DE-CIX ensures optimal connectivity.

    Data center in Hamburg

    Our state-of-the-art data center in the North German metropolis of Hamburg offers physical security, data protection, high availability and optimal connections. With state-of-the-art IT infrastructure on approximately 405 m², the data center gives you the best platform and its quality is proven by its ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

    Data center in Düsseldorf

    State-of-the-art IT infrastructure in an inconspicuous office building: In our certified and carrier-neutral data center in Düsseldorf, Germany, we offer the highest possible levels of security covering more than 2,000 m2. You will also benefit from not only high availability, but also optimal connectivity via connection to the DE-CIX internet exchange node.

    Data center in Frankfurt

    With over 14,000 m² the location in the Kleyerstraße 90 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is the largest of the ITENOS data centers. The data center is, of course, certified and highly secure. Maximum connectivity is ensured by direct access to Europe's central internet hub DE-CIX, as well as high-performance connections to more than 150 carriers and service providers.

    IT infrastructure and data center

    Rely on an IT infrastructure, which guarantees high levels of IT security, reliability and availability: with our IT infrastructure services and data centers, we deliver a stable foundation and high-performance environment for your business IT and all of your digitalization projects – of course only from our ISO-certified data centers in Germany. Based on our extensive know-how, we offer personal consulting, comprehensive service, and a broad range of solutions and delivery models – from colocation to server hosting and cloud services to platform services (PaaS).