Your choice: kW or sqm

Until recently, ITENOS has offered only floorspace in its colocation business. In future, the ITENOS offer will be extended to density, i. e. the amount of electricity being retrievable per sqare meter. This means for you: You have the choice among floorspace with higher or lower electricity supply for your equipment. If you do not need more than e. g. 0.5 kW per sqm, you can now rent floorspace with the lowest density – at a correspondingly lower rate. If more electricity is needed, floorspace with higher density must be rented. We offer a maximum density of 1.5 kW/sqm. The price for the electricity as such is not included in the density charges, it goes on top (like in the floorspace rent). Tariff changes of the electricity supplier, e.g. due to a rise or drop in the renewable energy levy, will be passed on to you promptly.

The new offer brings two benefits: On the one hand, ITENOS can react more flexibly on customer needs and on the other hand, the floorspace available for colocation is used more efficiently. All this significantly improves the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of the data center – resulting in more attractive housing conditions for you.