Physical security

In housing we assume responsibilty for your systems. This makes security the primary strategic objective at ITENOS. In addition to absolutely fail-safe operation the physical protection of your data has first priority. A secure housing of your servers can only be ensured when all possible risks can be excluded.

The IT environment often raises specific challenges in terms of security measures. Thus, for example, a common sprinkler system is completely unsuitable for use in a highly technical environment. Our security concept takes into account all critical parameters and offers the maximum protection – at anytime. Our data centers are perfectly equipped.

We are well aware that data protection is a highly sensitive issue. That’s why ITENOS offers highest technical standards in all measures.

Our technical standards in all measures
  • Fail-safe operation (e.g. emergency power supply)
  • Fire protection (fire alarm system, extinguishing system)
  • Physical protection (access control, room surveillance)