On-site services

We promise the uninterrupted operation of your system and the timeless security of your data. In terms of service, these demands are set very high. You need (indirect) access to your system – anytime. We make it easy for you: You just describe your requirements and we will implement the necessary measures on-site. Good service accounts for short and long term needs. In case of failure, speed is all that really counts. In all other cases continuity is relevant. Both aspects are part of our work. Take advantage of short response times and quick, competent support. We are on-site for you: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our on-site service meets all requirements towards a modern data center.

Our on-site services
  • Installation and removal of your racks
  • Installation and removal of your hardware
  • Replacement of combination locks
  • Cabling work / patches in rack
  • OTDR measurements of inhouse cabling
  • Visual checks of hardware components
  • Hardware loop
  • Measurements of equipment performance levels
  • Documentation
  • Destruction of hard disc drives
  • Professional disposal