Hub Frankfurt

ITENOS – partner of the DE-CIX Frankfurt

Your IT at the biggest Internet node worldwide as regards data throughput. Our carrier-neutral data center at Kleyerstraße 90 in Frankfurt/M. allows you direct low latency access to the DE-CIX, the biggest Internet node worldwide.

Short Facts DE-CIX
  • Established in 1995
  • More than 900 carriers, ISPs and content networks from over 60 countries are coonected to the DE-CIX worldwide
  • Carrier-neutral
  • Internet exchange node with the highest traffic in Europe with over 4 TBit/s data throughput in Frankfurt

Furthermore, we offer our customers a wide range of colocation options such as suites, cages and racks.

As our customer, you benefit from the failsafe und scalable infrastructure of the high security data center (Tier 2) as well as from short lead times for new connections. In no time, we connect you with a carrier, an Internet Service Provider or one of your value-adding partners. You have the choice among over 900 carriers, numerous business partners from the cloud sector as well as from the fields of finance, digital media, e-commerce and logistics.

Our data center location in Frankfurt offers manyfold connections to carriers from Central or Eastern Europe and to carriers from the Near East, Asia of Africa. ITENOS stands for perfect international connectivity.

The ITENOS connectivity service is available in all our data centers. Installation and operation are ensured by Service Level Agreements (SLA). The protected fibre optic and copper cables are layed and commissioned by our experienced connectivity staff.

The core of all connections in the data center is the ITENOS Meet-me-Room (IMMR), in which all connections run together enabling communication with minimal latency. The ITENOS Meet-me-Room is specifically secured and may not be entered by third parties. It is subject to strict cable management. Currently, ITENOS is operating more than 13,000 connections at the Frankfurt data center.

The great diversity of connections in our data center enables you to easily find tailor-made solutions. Thanks to the immediate proximity to your connectivity partners you benefit from short lead and response times.

Join us on our marketplace and get connected to new customers!

Facts on Connectivitiy at a glance
  • Connection to Europe's central Internet node DE-CIX Frankfurt
  • biggest Internet node worldwide, in terms of data throughput
  • Data throughput during peak times: 4 Tbit/s (as of April 2015)
  • High performance connection to over 900 carriers
  • IPv6-ready
  • strict non-disclosure of your data on the basis of the German data protection law