IT – Made in Germany

As a reliable partner with decades of experience in the construction and operation of state-of-the-art data centers, we provide a secure and highly networked infrastructure for protected housing, high availability and an optimal connectivity for your IT.
Additionally to the rent of individual areas, racks and cages, ITENOS’ certified Housing branch offers various services such as installation support, monitoring, a 24/7 service hotline and technical staff on-site.

Good reasons for our partnership

Housing calls for a special relationship of trust – IT security is a very complex field. Companies do not simply look for rental space, they look for a partner who combines the high level of expertise with a keen awareness of their needs.
For you, ITENOS raises data security and energy efficiency to a new level. We offer solutions that spare resources and reduce costs. You can be convinced that your decision in favour of ITENOS is well-founded.

Privacy and security

Data is the most valuable asset in each company. Thus, the requirements for its protection are very high. Very few companies have an appropriate infrastructure on their own site, and upgrading it is resource-intensive and rarely profitable. A partnership with ITENOS offers economical solutions for extra safety. All data centers are shielded and optimally equipped with the latest hardware and software and are guarded around the clock.
Through a special safety culture we thank you for your trust: Our data centers are located exclusively in Germany, where the strictest privacy and security requirements worldwide apply. As a customer of ITENOS you will also benefit from the facts that as a member of Deutsche Telekom, we are involved in group wide initiatives to strengthen data protection and data security. With our ISO 27001 certification, we objectively demonstrate that we do not only promise security, but have set up a regular information security management system. We stand for maximum data security in Housing.
Therefore, accommodation of your servers in our data center does not only provide an excellent and cost-saving alternative to in-house solutions in your company. Also, measures for IT security further strengthen the creditworthiness of your company (Basel II and KontraG) by excluding economic damage caused by data loss.

Energy efficiency

Last but not least we would like to emphasise that German electricity prices are at the top of the scale in international comparison. Therefore, energy efficiency is the magic word in the operation of servers and hardware. And this is the first claim at ITENOS. Processes and technologies are continually developed at all locations – and optimized to an extent up to which a corporal data center can barely perform. We increase your energy-efficiency through our processes.

Precise measures for maximum energy efficiency of our data centers at a glance:

Further measures
  • Power supply units with 90 percent efficiency and more
  • Dynamic CPU and memory clock circuitry (thermal load)
  • Optimized energy saving based on the operating temperature and other sensors
  • Implementation of power-down and standby modes
  • Disabling unneeded hardware in a device
  • Energy reduction in areas of CPU that are not in use at the time
  • Minimizing the communication frequency between devices