Data Center Stuttgart


In our Tier-3 data center in the Baden-Württemberg (certified to TÜV level 3  EN50600 and ISO / IEC 27001) state capital Stuttgart, we offer on a total area of 2,000 sqm an advanced IT infrastructure for secure storage, high availability and optimal connection of your servers on colocation space or in dedicated rooms.
As a customer, you have access to your rack or server room around the clock.

Expansion facts
  • Total area of over 2,000 sqm
  • TIER-3-Data Center
  • Metropolregion Stuttgart


Our network is equipped with Cisco network components connected to the Internet via fibre optic and copper cabling by two independent carriers. In addition, there is a link to the DE-CIX, Germany’s largest Internet exchange point in Frankfurt. The network is IPv6-ready.


The entire data center is monitored day and night. It transmits all alarms and technical messages to the ITENOS service desk. The guards use a separate alarm circuit. In case of fire, a highly efficient argon gas extinguishing system is switched on automatically.

Security facts
  • Fire alarm system
  • Early fire detection
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Water detection system


We take every precaution to protect your hardware from damage caused by power interruptions. We ensure operation even during longer power outages by an autonomous power system. In order to simplify the administration of operating costs, every tenement has its own energy meter. For an optimum cooling of the computers we have arranged server racks according to the “cold” and “warm” corridors, cooled by a redundant (n + 1) Precision Air Conditioner.

Air conditioning
  • Cold air from the air distribution cabinets above the raised floor
  • Supply to the server racks via ventilation panels in the raised floor

Housing Services

You will benefit from our comprehensive range of services. Upon request, we will replace your hardware components to check or destroy them. We take care of the wiring in the rack, disposal of your packaging waste as well as the manual operation of the hardware. All procedures are documented according to your given specifications (with picture taking).
To avoid loss or damage, we perform OTDR and – if required – power level measurements on the equipment, being checked through a fibre optic hardware loop.

Housing Services facts
  • Measurement of the equipment’s power levels
  • Installation of hardware
  • Construction of customer-specific racks on rack storage space
  • Installing the power supply (only for racks that are property of customer)
  • Uninstalling the current cabling (customer-specific racks)
  • Removal and disposal of racks