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Rise of a new cloud service

To gain access to more than 15,000 interconnects and 900 carriers, direct connection to the world’s biggest Internet exchange and to get directly connected to the Deutsche Telekom network – all that in one single step: For Linxa, it became clear, the ITENOS product Data LogistIX is exactly the right solution to develop their own cloud offering. From the ITENOS data center in Frankfurt/Main, the cloud product of this entrepreneurial software provider will continue to expand.

Linxa offers innovative products: The Linxa solution helps telecommunication providers to rate, route, monitor and bill call minutes, SMS events and data more efficiently. The algorithms of the Linxa solution calculates automatically upon the best and most efficient path based on cost and quality through the global telecommunication network and routes the traffic accordingly. Thus, the Linxa solution facilitates and supports wholesale operations within the telecommunication business.

Carriers (Tier 1 to Tier 4) can use the Linxa solution on-premises within their own infrastructure. For those carriers who would prefer a hosted solution, Linxa has developed a cloud based (Software as a Service) product assisting them to obtain the Linxa service without effort and on demand.

Such a cloud-based product requires high demands on the hosting environment. The hosting provider has to cope with big data volumes and also must be able to forward many small data packages simultaneously. Linxa transmits up to 100,000 parallel sessions per second. In addition, the data packages must be transported at very high speed, as within international wholesale telecommunications, the requirements may change every second. “A failure, even for only a short period of time, can cause high costs and negative impact to our customers wholesale operations”, says Asim Alp, CTO and co-founder of Linxa. “Therefore, we were looking for a hosting partner who could supply us maximum failure safety and the highest level of reliability.”

Asim Alp and his colleagues found that in the Data LogistIX solution of ITENOS, the connectivity platform developed for challenging cloud projects fully met the requirements of Linxa for their Software as a Service offering. Asim Alp said “The ITENOS product is well thought out, mature and very reliable.”

Hosting under the Data LogistIX roof of ITENOS is ideal for Linxa, as the ITENOS platform is connected to some 900 carriers – potential for all to be Linxa customers.  The connection to the DE-CIX, the biggest Internet exchange worldwide, adds great benefit to Linxa and its offerings. The Frankfurt/Main location enables good connections to North America and Asia. “With proven quality of ITENOS, the strict Service Levels are met and so the product keeps its promise also in this respect”, says Asim Alp.

To achieve maximum security, the Linxa cloud product is hosted redundantly with ITENOS. There is a full and complete second installation of the platform in the same data center, but in a different building. Second installation uses a separate infrastructure. Linxa found it ideal that ITENOS was able to offer a second building in one single location and in one data center. “That renders our platform even more fail-safe”.

Asim Alp feels comfortable with ITENOS being a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom in any case. “This assists us in many areas”, he stated, “for instance in rack design or the correct use of switches and routers. ITENOS simply offers more services than other providers”.

After the development of the cloud platform on the European continent, ITENOS is now assisting Linxa in further expansion. Linxa will offer its solutions to carriers in the Americas region and looks for a hosting partner with similar quality features to ITENOS. ITENOS is not active in the US Market, but they have co-operation partners, with whom talks have taken place already. Asim Alp appreciates these steps and concludes: “ITENOS is more than just a hosting centre, they are a trusted partner”.